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Your roof is vital when it comes to your building. Not only is it made to protect the structure of your building, but a good roof should have a proper design, ventilation and have regular maintenance conducted, to prevent from leaks. 

 Our contractors ensure that each roofing project undergoes the correct procedure that complies with Ontario building codes.

With two types of insurance (both compensation and liability), licenses and years of professional certificates, you can rest assured your roof is in good hands.

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Shingled Roofs

Shingles are vital for the protection of your roof. Shingles are made for pitched roofs and are installed through overlapping the tile strips. When the correct materials are chosen, shingles life-span can be a century or longer. 

What to know: Shingle repairs can be a huge migrane for home owners which is why it’s best to consult with a professional.

roofing kitchener

Roof Stripping

When re-roofing, roof stripping is important as it creates a new slate for the roof to be constructed on. Stripping of the roof involves removing the multiple layers that may be on your current roof. 

What to know: If you try to save money by re-roofing without stripping its materials, you are further damaging your roof. The extra layers from the previous existing materials will create more weight and the new shingles will most likely lose its new texture due to the old shingles. Additionally,  most warranties will be voided if you choose this route. 

roofing kitchener

Roof Substrate

Picking the right roofing substrate to go underneath a roof is important as it ensures that the roof has a good support base. The type of substrate chosen is highly dependant on the type of roofing project.

roofing kitchener

Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is important for homes in cooler climates. Proper attic ventilation is used to keep the roof cold, to prevent ice dams (creatd by melting snow) and to prevent moisture.

When it comes to hotter climates, proper ventilation is used to relieve AC strain.

How to Hire a Roofer

Hiring a roofer can be a confusing and arduous process. While there might not be so many steps associated with looking for one, there are often too many ways to determine whether a specific roofing company is right for you. This results in most consumers seeking out professional services based on recommendations alone, which according to research, does not always provide the best results. In a world of immense information and limited sources of validation, this article will help you understand ways you can determine your future roofer is not only credible but does a good job with roofing Kitchener.

 The first thing before picking a roofer is understand the value of liability. You want to give the powerline saftey article a look. Any credible roofing company or team of roofers will have certification or direct proof that they have worker’s compensation and liability insurance. The latter guarantees that their work will be covered in the instance that it is damaged or incomplete due to extraneous conditions. Without liability insurance, roofers can complete a job under subpar circumstances that match contractual obligations. With no way to guarantee the quality or longevity of their work it would be difficult to pursue legal action against them. It also works in their favor because it ensures they can amend any issues after the work is done. When dealing with multiple roofers, treating those with liability insurance can level the bidding playing field for certain contracts.

 Another valuable form of credibility is ensuring your contractor, group, or company is local. One mistake many consumers make is sourcing a contractor that generally operates far away. This limits communication, hinders work, and also does not ensure that the process is timely. Many consumers take this route in an effort to cut costs without realizing that the biggest cost will be their time in the long-term. Local contractors are also more accessible in the instance that a warranty has expired. According to research, most consumers who sourced a roofing company that was outside their jurisdiction had difficulty upholding their roof warranty in the instance that the company closed or moved.

 One thing to consider during negotiations is price, which ultimately determines whether a roofer’s services will be used. It is important to remember that price is not everything. Choosing a company solely based on price is harmful because it cheapens the bidding process. Contractors will very little credibility and almost no overhead will always lower their price to accommodate you, whereas credible contractors are usually more difficult to bargain with. The issue with a fixation on price during the negotiation phase is that you receive the quality of work you paid for. More often than not, going with a cheap contractor can lead to long-term issues with the roof and potentially your home.

 Other factors to consider during the roof-hunting process that are equally if not more important include:

  • Try to avoid contractors that canvas neighborhoods. Their only focus Is to sell, and it is not a legitimate way to determine the quality of their services.

  • Always get details of the entire contract in writing. Print multiple copies if you need to, and if possible, have identification of all the signatories.

  • Maximize your communication! Find as many ways to ensure communication between you and the roofer is direct. Whether it be through text, email, or phone.

 Ensuring that these steps are followed can guarantee a safe and credible roofing experience. It is important to remember that even with following all these considerations, not all measures are totally preventable. Therefore, consumers should be vigilant when finding the right roofer for the job.

At Roofing Koski we source contractors that pass a 50 point inspection system for roofing in kitchener.

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